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Spring Thaw Will Wash a Cocktail of Salty Chemicals into Streams

As warmer temperatures begin to thaw winter’s blanket of snow and ice, the runoff enters lakes, rivers and streams, carrying with it a winter’s-worth of de-icing compounds. Despite making roads safer, salt and deicers are still peppered with danger. Between 10 and 20 million tons of salt are applied to ...
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Can Cities Get Smarter About Extreme Weather?

Researchers believe outdated thinking and knowledge systems have made recent weather disasters worse, adding to the more than $110B USD in weather-related damages just in 2017. While improvements to make cities more climate-ready usually focus on infrastructure improvements like levees and flood walls, some researchers contend that cities also need ...
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Are Wetlands Really the “Earth’s Kidneys”?

Most people don’t think about it, but healthy kidneys filter waste and water from their bodies 24 hours a day. That right, they never get a break, not even for coffee. Similarly, most people don’t think about it, but healthy wetlands perform similar functions for mother earth. When water from ...
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Trout Headwaters CEO to Judge 2018 National Wetlands Awards

Trout Headwaters, Inc CEO Michael Sprague is honored to have been selected to judge the 29th annual National Wetlands Awards in support of the Environmental Law Institute to be held in Washington, DC May 9, 2018. Sprague is a founding Board Member of the National Environmental Banking Association. He is also past ...
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The Virginia Sportsman offers Exotic Adventures

What are your bucket list travel adventures? Do they include traveling to Iceland to try and coax the majestic North Atlantic salmon to take a fly? What about a fishing, hunting, or riding adventure across England? While you’re across the pond why not throw in some art tours and culinary ...
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Great Lakes’ Temperatures Soar as the Climate Changes

The average summer surface temperature of the Great Lakes has risen 8 degrees Fahrenheit since 1980. While twenty years ago the mid-summer surface water temperatures in southern Lake Michigan ranged between 61 and 71 degrees, that same area measured temps between 67 and 77 degrees in 2016. University of Wisconsin Atmospheric ...
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Do You Know How Temperature Impacts Stream Ecology?

Water temperature has a big impact on virtually every aspect of stream ecology. Because cold water can store more oxygen than warm water, raising a stream’s temperature may decrease that streams oxygen levels. This change in oxygen can harming some species while allowing others to thrive out of control. This ...
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Virginia’s “So Much More” than Fly Fishing Show this Weekend

You don’t have to be an avid fisherman to enjoy the positive, pro-nature vibe at the Virginia Fly Fishing & Wine Festival Jan. 13-14. For many years now the festival has prided itself on introducing as many people to the sport of fly fishing as possible, while raising the level ...
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Images that Visualize the Impact of Climate Change

“Kadir’s work on rising sea levels and the environment touches on what will most likely be the world’s most dramatic, life-threatening problem.” So says Washington Post photographer Andrea Bruce when explaining why she chose the famous Dutch photographer Kadir van Lohuizen’s work for the recent edition of In Sight, The ...
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Coldwater in a Warming Climate

The Earth's climate is changing. Multiple lines of evidence show changes in our weather, oceans, and ecosystems.  The EPA estimates a frightening decline in cold water fisheries by the end of this century.  Unmitigated climate change is expected to reduce habitat suitable for coldwater fisheries nationally by approximately 62% by 2100. What can we ...
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Call for Wetlands Heroes Includes New Business Leader Category

The Environmental Law Institute’s (ELI) National Wetlands Awards includes an exciting new “Business Leader” category. Get those nominations ready though because the January 22nd, 2018 deadline will be here before you know it. You’ve heard Trout Headwaters praise ELI for their tireless work on environmental justice. Naturally that appreciation ...
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