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The Earth’s climate is changing. Multiple lines of evidence show changes in our weather, oceans, and ecosystems.  The EPA estimates a frightening decline in cold water fisheries by the end of this century.  Unmitigated climate change is expected to reduce habitat suitable for coldwater fisheries nationally by approximately 62% by 2100. >What Can We Do?

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Sustainable stream, river and wetland restoration has benefits well beyond improved aesthetics. Properties with pristine water resources are valued as much as five times higher than their upland counterparts. Healthy, functioning, floodplains increase water-storage capacity, directly benefiting the agricultural, hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation values of the property. Stable stream banks and healthy riparian areas decrease flooding and improve water quality, important benefits to all who value water resources. >Learn More

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Much of what we do at Trout Headwaters is sustainable wetland creation and restoration. While some think of them as dreaded swampland, THI knows wetlands are a truly vital and precious resource. Unfortunately there is no shortage of work to do as a recent EPA study concluded that less than half of wetland areas are in good condition. That is compounded with the fact that wetlands are disappearing at a frightening pace. A 2013 report estimated net losses of more than 60,000 acres from 2004 and 2009.

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Mitigation and conservation markets are creating profitable returns for many property owners across the U.S. Lands that have been involved with ranching, farming, timber operations, or other agricultural practices can be converted to mitigation, species and nutrient banks through preservation, enhancement, and restoration of upland and wetland/stream resources.  >The Basics

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Fish & wildlife habitats are often a chief value of rural properties. Streams, rivers and wetlands are some of our most cherished natural resources. With proper restoration, you can transform your resources into the most valuable feature of your property and improve fishing, hunting, and wildlife habitats.  Properties that have been restored to provide these recreational benefits are valued as much as five times higher than their upland counterparts.

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When your property’s stream banks and riparian buffers have been degraded and stripped of their native, woody vegetation, they are at constant risk of accelerated erosion from flood events. A healthy stream is connected to its stream bank and extends into the riparian zone, the area of land directly adjacent to the stream. Where these margin areas are healthy, their lush vegetation protects streambanks by absorbing flood waters instead of causing more erosion and unnecessary flooding.  Trout Headwaters has pioneered streambank and shoreline stabilization technologies across the U.S. 

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Satisfaction Guaranteed is our commitment to you – and all products and services at Trout Headwaters are guaranteed to meet or exceed client goals and expectations. Period.

THI’s predictable approach to producing effective results includes:

  • Competitive pricing with 100% eco-friendly materials
  • Broad range of solutions from passive to active that enable restoration projects to fit any budget
  • Highly-experienced, professional and courteous team
  • No- hassle permitting and compliance
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Let us help you Start Your Restoration Project Today – It’s easy and risk-free.  Learn more through a no-cost consultation and start your successful stream restoration project off right.

To get started, please give us a call (800) 218-8107  or >Contact Us

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