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“In the confrontation between the river and the rock, the river always wins… not by strength, but by perseverance.” – Louis Agassiz



Buyer Beware: A Warning to Consumers about the Restoration Industry

Before you start that fisheries enhancement project, wetland restoration, or erosion control effort, you need to ask the right questions.  Trout Headwaters' free consumer report "Buyer Beware: A Warning to Consumers about the Restoration Industry” will give you the Top 10 ...
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InfoGraphic: Timeline of Federal Actions Regarding Wetland Permits and Mitigation

This graphic timeline traces the origins of wetland permitting and wetland mitigation in the United States, beginning with the 1890s River and Harbors Act and concluding with the 2008 Mitigation Rule ...
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The Eighties Called and Wants Its Wetland Mitigation Back

Recognizing the importance of wetland protection, in 1988 the H.W. Bush Administration endorsed the goal of “no net loss” for U.S. wetlands. Specifically, it directed that the filling of wetlands should be avoided, or minimized when it cannot be avoided ...
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USEPA’s Interactive Environmental Justice Map

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has an online map tool that can overlay environmental justice layers. This new environmental justice (EJ) mapping and screening tool is called EJSCREEN and it uses publicly-available national data to combine environmental and demographic information ...
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We Need Collective Action for Water

“There is an opportunity to broaden our view of stakeholder ecosystems so we are not always ranting in an echo chamber.” So says Will Sarni, an internationally recognized thought leader on water strategy and innovation. Sarni contends the suggestions below ...
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Stream Health – High Stakes in the Rosgen Wars

Just beneath the surface of the river restoration industry is an undercurrent of controversy strong enough to create two distinctly-opposed camps. Dubbed the “Rosgen Wars ” during the mid-1990s, this 20-year battle of ideas was named for its protagonist, Colorado ...
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